Should diabetes test be part of routine care?

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Should diabetes test be part of routine care?
Fri, 03-15-2013 - 12:09pm

I was reading an article on the increase in Type 1 diabetes, and piece of it caught my interest: 

Since common symptoms are excessive thirst, frequent urination and weight loss, diagnosis can be a challenge, especially in the youngest children. That's why parents, like Patty, are advocating for doctors to perform a diabetes test during every exam.

"How long can that take in a doctor's office? If it's saving a kid's life, I think it's so worth it," said Patty Palladino.

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Do you think it's feasible for a diabetes test be done at every well baby or well child visit?  If so, at what age should they start testing?

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Thu, 03-21-2013 - 6:34pm
Hi Cmmelissa, this questions is waaaay out of my league but I do know some place where you can find your answer: HealthTap! Try googling HealthTap. The website allows you to ask questions for free to real doctors. This isn't some generic question and answer website... it personalizes your questions by asking your age, current conditions, and medications. I've been asking questions for a while now, and I highly recommend this if you're looking for fast and reliable answers on health issues like diabetes!