Stem Cell Therapy Cures Type 1 in Mice

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Stem Cell Therapy Cures Type 1 in Mice
Thu, 06-06-2013 - 2:24pm

Researches used immuno-suppressing meds and adult stem cells from healthy donors to cure Type 1 diabetes in mice: 

"This is a whole new concept," said the study's senior author, Habib Zaghouani, a professor of microbiology and immunology, child health and neurology at the University of Missouri School of Medicine in Columbia, Mo.

In the midst of their laboratory research, something unanticipated occurred. The researchers expected that the adult stem cells would turn into functioning beta cells (cells that produce insulin). Instead, the stem cells turned into endothelial cells that generated the development of new blood vessels to supply existing beta cells with the nourishment they needed to regenerate and thrive.

"I believe that beta cells are important, but for curing this disease, we have to restore the [blood vessels]," Zaghouani said.

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They are unable to determine whether they will be able to replicate this in humans.  Any thoughts on the research?