Some things for new and old members

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Some things for new and old members
Sat, 03-23-2013 - 1:55am

I thought I'd share a few things for you moms of young/new chd kids, as well as some of you with older kids.  First, when your child has surgery, ask if the hospital/city has a Ronald McDonald House.  I can't say enough good things about them.  Ask about signing up to stay in one if you have to travel to have your child's surgery. 

Did you know that heart kids qualify for wish grants from organizations like Make A Wish and Kid's Wish?  These are not for cancer or terminal children only.  They are also for kids who are living with chronic illnesses, like heart defects.  For those who have kids that might pick a Disney wish trip, most of them will stay at Give Kids The World resort in Florida.  This place is unbelievable. 

Did you know that there are special camps for heart kids?  Many are affiliated with hospitals.  Your child's pc or child-life specialist at the hospital would be a good person to check with.  Nick's heart doctor recommended that Nick go to the one sponsored by Texas Children's Hospital.

Here's some things that are good to take to the hospital with you during surgery time.  With all the stress associated with surgery, you might not think of these things and hospital gift shops can be pricey.  Antibacterial gels and wipes, chap stick, hand lotion, tylenol, dental floss, pens and a notebook for writing down things that you are told or for writing down the names of callers and visitors.  Word search puzzles, books, change for vending machines, and the cord for your cell phone are other things to take.  You might also take some "tums" and Q-tips with you.  For your kids, you might bring a favorite toy, hand-held games, coloring books and crayons, or dvds.  It's been so long since Nick had surgery that I've forgotten what all we took for him. 

I hope your heart kids are all doing well.  Good luck and God bless.............Cheri