Camp with other illnesses

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Camp with other illnesses
Mon, 09-24-2012 - 11:59am

Nick went to Camp Yolo this past weekend.  It is sponsored by Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.  It is for teens with chronic illnesses and includes others besides heart kids.  Yolo stands for You Only Live Once.  Their heart camp does not include teens, which I think would be beneficial to them.  In any case, Nick loves Camp Yolo.  He and a counselor, who has a heart defect, were discussing that people tend to not see heart defects/problems as serious as other diseases or conditions.  They agreed that other things, such as cancer or leukemia, are indeed terrible and serious.  But I think this is the first time that he's really discussed his feelings about how others think of kids with heart defects.  I know I've seen it with adults, especially when Nick was little.  I think it is partially because there are not as many outward signs of heart defects for the most part.  Nick looks like a normal kid on the outside.  Also, we've grown so accustomed to hearing about heart surgery in adults that we think that it has become routine.  You may not know many kids with heart defects but I bet you know some adults that have had bypass surgery or shunts/stents for their clogged arteries. 

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Mon, 09-24-2012 - 4:29pm

That's too bad that the teens aren't allowed at the heart camp, I bet he could really give them a good point of view to the younger kids. I know two kids that have heart defects, one is my cousin-in-law's daughter, she had surgery before her first birthday. The other is a little neighbor boy that was on my son's baseball team this past spring, he had surgery right after school got out. He's doing great!