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Nick and Friends
Fri, 04-26-2013 - 3:55pm

Nick will be leaving today to go to camp near Brenham, Texas.  It should be beautiful as the Bluebonnets are in bloom right now.  The Camp is sponsored by Texas Children's Hospital and is called Camp YOLO.  Teens with different illnesses will be there.  He loves going.  I think the actual campground is called Camp For All, with different camps being called different names. 

It just clicked with us last week that a boy on my other grandson's baseball team has a heart defect.  He actually went to Camp Pump It Up with Nick when they were 8 or 9.  This boy has truncus.  He will go on May 3 for a PC visit and it is possible that he may have to have a cath procedure to replace the bovine conduit in his heart.  His mom said he's pretty nervous this time since he will be 15 instead of 5 and will know what's going on.  I am glad they can do it via cath.  The boy is a good baseball player and like most heart kids, you don't realize they have a heart defect.

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Tue, 04-30-2013 - 2:57pm

I'm sure he's going to have a great time at camp!  My youngest had a little boy with a defect on his baseball team last year, he had to have surgery when the season is over.  I hope that his surgery goes well, it is much more stressful on them when they are older.