Old and New Members and Visitors

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Old and New Members and Visitors
Wed, 06-26-2013 - 6:28pm

I recently heard from a member who was on this forum several years ago.  She asked about some of our old members.  If you are an old or new member, or a visitor, please drop us a line to let us know how your heart kid is doing.  I know that many of our old members have kids that are doing so well that there's not that "need" to stop by with questions or post about fears of an upcoming pc visit or procedure.  Some of those kids are now grown and in college.  Sadly, there are some that are no longer with us.  However, this board was a place of solace and comfort as we faced the unknowns of CHD together. 

I think that our board is quieter these days because of a combination of things.  As I said, many kids have done so well that it is no longer a necessity to frequent this board.  Also, I feel like the emergence of Facebook and the numbers of CHD groups there may have had an impact on this board.  I know that I sometimes also have trouble logging onto the board and I am sure that some that have not been here in a couple of years may also have trouble. However, it is still a place that can fill a need for a heart family. 

I am going to try to contact some of our old members and ask them to update here or to email me to update for them.

I hope that you all have a busy and enjoyable summer and that your heart kiddos are doing well.

Cheri - grandmother of Nick Mathews, almost 17 years old, OH May 2001 at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, partial canal defect, doing great and not on any meds now