Your School-aged Heart Kids

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Your School-aged Heart Kids
Tue, 08-27-2013 - 3:46pm

Summer is ending and many schools start back in August rather than after Labor Day.  Along with the excitement of the kids going back to school, there is also anxiety among heart families.  School brings our kids in contact with many other children which in turn exposes them to a lot of germs.  Most of us have been extra protective of our heart kids because they may not handle illnesses as well as other kids.  They've already gone through so much and we don't want to take unnecessary chances with their health.  In my grandson's case, he was going to be around a lot of family members and close cousins.  Even with precautions, there is only so much you can do to prevent them from being exposed to colds, sniffles, and other illnesses.  However we tried to use common sense such as frequent handwashing, using germ-x and anti-bacterial wipes, limiting exposure to crowds during flu season, trying to avoid people who are ill, etc.  My advice is to talk to your child's doctors about your concerns.  They can give you the best advice on handling school issues and health issues associated with going back-to-school.

I hope everyone has a good school year!