Drooling Help/ Chewy Toys

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Drooling Help/ Chewy Toys
Mon, 07-18-2011 - 5:02pm


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My son is two and a half and still drools quite a bit especially when he is doing something that requires strength such as standing or assisted walking. We have the nuk brush which he loves. We try to do exercises on his mouth. An OT also told us to stimulate his mouth by putting ice around his cheeks and lips because it makes the muscles contract for short periods of time. And we try to do as much stimulation or massages as possible. When we got out I usually have a birp cloth or bib and try to wipe whenever he drools and call his attention to it by saying "close your mouth" at home I do put bibs on his sometimes so he doesn't wet his shirts - if he is having a major drool day. I hope the drooling gets better with time as they get stronger.


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Hi. My daughter is almost 18 months, and she loves the rattles that vibrate when she bites them.

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We used electric toothbrushes to let him "chew" on (he may have been older).