Every meal is misery!

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Every meal is misery!
Mon, 10-24-2011 - 1:50pm
I need help. Mia is 8 months now and she has GERD, she takes meds for that. She has many issues w/ constipation, we do prune purée and prune juice daily, it kinda helps. The issue is after EVERY meal , she screams, she cries, she writhes in pain sometimes minutes sometimes hours! GI says it's gas, it's typical for her hypotonia. Is there any help out there or has anyone had any experience with this? She's had an upper GI a swallow test an abdominal ultra sound all negative.
I do give her gas-x the recommended amount. weight wise she's in the 11th percentile height she's in the 80th.
Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Wed, 10-26-2011 - 1:36am
Big hugs! I know and understand the frustration that comes when your little one won't eat well. I don't really have any good suggestions because it has been more than a year since we "fed" Madison. She has a feeding tube and is 100% dependent on it. Okay well maybe I do have a couple of questions and maybe some advice ;) Our daughter never had the breathe, suck, swallow pattern down very well, she would chug and chug and chug until she choked and aspirated on her formula, that is what led to the feeding tube, but before we got the feeding tube we were taught how to pace her while eating, essentially we would sit her on our lap to eat, we would put one hand behind her head/neck/back area and hold the bottle and her chin with the other hand, then we would rock her forward so the nipple was empty for 2 seconds, then rock her back to fill the nipple with formula for 2 seconds, and we just rocked her back and forth, back and forth until the bottle was empty or she got a good rhythm going. This helped her in 2 ways, one it helped her burp up the air she was swallowing because of her poor latch and poor suck from the Hypotonia and two it helped her breathe, suck, then swallow and not get so much air and such in her belly! Obviously it didn't fix our issues 100% because we still had to start NG and eventually G-tube feeds to keep her alive and healthy.

The constipation is VERY common for Hypo kids. The intestines don't move with the normal force to move stool out of the intestines, so the kids end up constipated and uncomfortable. Have the doctors ever mentioned trying Miralax? It is a very gentle laxative that normally doesn't cause cramping or gas issues, Madison takes it every day or we have BIG poop issues. Also what color are her stools? How do her stools present? Does she get clammy, sweaty, pale, or uncomfortable when she produces stool? Sometimes some of those clues can help figure out what is going on. Do you still burp her? When feeding does she burp afterwards? My last 2 kids couldn't take the gas-x drops, they had adverse reactions to them, so we found it was better for them for us to go back to newborn standards of feeding, we would stop every 2 oz and burp them again, it takes FOREVER to feed them, but they were MUCH more comfy after we were all done.

Hugs Mama!! Our sweet little ones can really throw us some curve balls. I will be praying that the doctors are able to figure out a real and true way to help Mia enjoy eating and let her feel better soon!
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Mon, 11-07-2011 - 12:10am

I have no advice on feeding since that was not a part of our struggle but the constipation finally and effectively got resolved within days after we stopped giving Anita the food that didn't "agree" with her; we've discovered she had many food sensivities by doing ELISA test; she's been on her special diet for 2 years now - healthy and regular; also as her system was able to handle the food better she got more energy and her cognitive skills finally started to improve;