Hypotonia and bike riding - who can help with learning to ride a bike

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Hypotonia and bike riding - who can help with learning to ride a bike
Mon, 05-28-2012 - 9:27pm

I have a 9 year old son, Adam, who was diagnosed with hypotonia when he was 1 1/2.  He also has epilepsy and a developmental language delay, but has been thriving over the years.

Adam was in PT and OT when he was young, but hasn't been in therapy for years.  He is actually, and amazingly, quite athletic - he is a great tennis player and really fast runner too.  He is also paying baseball on a regular team this year and doing fine.

However, we are having the hardest time getting him to learn how to ride a bike.  He doesn't seem to have the core strength to balance on the bike.  (he also has been having trouble learning to swim.  He can float and move around in the pool, but doesn't have the coordination to do an actual stroke).   

Has anyone faced this issue?  Do we need to put him back into physical therapy or occupational therapy to get someone to help him learn how to ride a bike?

Thanks.  Randi

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My son just learned at 8 1/2.  It took many months of practice sessions and lots of tears.  He also has trouble still starting, stopping and getting on and off.  He can balance ok, but pedals slow, so the balance is harder. 

Everyone kept telling me not to push it...that he would do it on his own time when he wants to.  But he never wanted to.  He hated it and still doesn't want to ride much.  He still throws a fit when he can't get going or falls off.  It's very frustrating.  But just with everything else, they do eventually get it.  My son has other strengths (academics, computer) that come easy to him.  But bike riding is extremely difficult for him.  He is completely aware of it and doesn't want the other kids to see him fall.

I'm sorry this is not much help, but hopefully it lets you know you are not alone.