Are you watching the Olympics?

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Are you watching the Olympics?
Thu, 08-19-2004 - 11:30pm

Are you watching the Olympics?

  • have watched all of it
  • have watched some of it
  • haven't had time to watch it but want to
  • have no interest
  • other (please tell us)

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Thu, 08-19-2004 - 11:44pm
I have just been watching the Gymnastics, mainly the women's but did watch one night of them men's. And since they show swimming and volleyball on the same nights I have been watching that to :) That is about where all my interest is.


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Tue, 08-24-2004 - 1:07pm
My DH watches, so I will watch whatever hes watching.

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Tue, 08-24-2004 - 1:22pm
Gosh, I watch as much as I can. The weird thing is, I don't care what's on!!! I've never been a big beach volleyball fan, but now I can't wait to watch the next match! I've always been really into the Olympics.