Hello, hello out there....!!!!

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Hello, hello out there....!!!!
Sat, 08-28-2004 - 10:54am

Hello Ladies!

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Sat, 08-28-2004 - 11:10am


Well, DH works today and I don't have a car so we will just hang out around the house. I will probably try to catch up on some cleaning. Blah!

Not to sure about tomorrow. Sundays are usually a very lazy day for us. With it being dh's first weekend day he doesn't usually do much. I might try and talk him into taking the boys to the park. It will depend on the weather though. The afternoons have been perfect park weather the last couple days, around 70-75. Not to hot.

Thats about it for us. Nothing to exciting going on here.

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Sun, 08-29-2004 - 4:07pm
Hi! I did sweet diddly. Just loafed around the house whining about an achy back and forfilling my shark attack cravings. I am going to BINGO with my mother tonight. Yeehaw! LOL Should be interesting. I hope I win something, that would be cool!


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Sun, 08-29-2004 - 4:45pm
Hi Everyone,

Tracy, good luck at bingo tonight!!

Well, we went to a family reunion yesterday, my mom's side. It was great!! It was at my aunt's house and she has a built-in pool and the boys had a blast. Thank God she has a pool because it was 95 degrees outside. It was great seeing all of my cousins, we are all around the same age and the boys have alot of second cousins their age. Plus, my cousin just had a baby in July and it's a girl, so it was great holding her and making her smile(made me want to have another)LOL! Today, we are just hanging out and staying in the nice air conditioned house..hot again today. DH's sister has a beach house for the week and we are going there for the day tomorrow..that should be alot of fun and it will be the last chance for us to get to the beach..Joshua starts kindergarten on Wednesday!

Debbie, Joshua and Jared