HOLY COW...and an apology;)

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HOLY COW...and an apology;)
Sat, 08-28-2004 - 8:15pm

Well, first off...HOLY COW our folder is here!!!!!!!!

Second...I am sorry I was MIA since Thursday. I had some medical things I had to take care of Friday and our home computer had PMS...thanks to Jed I finally can get back on. I am fine and I am back to being a posting fool...LOL. I will net be back to work till Tuesday so I will have more of a chance to get on here MOnday.

If any one wants to IM me ever I am on msn camjedjen2@hotmail.com. Also aol camjedjen@aol.com

So sorry I was missing everyone but I ma here...and Heather thanks for the awesome Queen ideas..I am gonna do some Sunday afternoon when the boys are sleeping:)

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Sat, 08-28-2004 - 8:48pm

Hope you are feeling better today.

I did the body scrub and it was AWESOME!!! My skin was so soft, even DH commented on it :P That rarely happens.

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Sun, 08-29-2004 - 10:54am

What up nuggethead!!!