Meesengers anyone?

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Meesengers anyone?
Mon, 08-30-2004 - 10:36am

I saw that Jen is on MSN (which I will be adding to my list shortly :P ) and was wondering if anyone else is on any messengers. I am an internet junkie. I love my message boards and messengers. I really should look into a 12 step program for my problem :P

Anyway, I have yahoo and MSN. On yahoo my id is: mombe2benji and MSN:

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Mon, 08-30-2004 - 10:46am

I am on AOL, but I don't really log in unless I have to.

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Wed, 09-01-2004 - 4:37pm

Ok...I have issues too Heather....

I have AOL Camjedjen
MSN Camjedjen2

I seriously am on all the time. AOL really just at home but MSN is on ALL THE TIME:)

IM me anytime seriously I love love to talk.