Do your boys carry some kind of ID?

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Do your boys carry some kind of ID?
Thu, 04-10-2003 - 12:33pm
I've been thinking about this ever since reading about Taylor's bike mishap. There are so many times my teens are now out & about on their own & I had really never thought about anybody needing to figure out WHO they are.

I guess I don't like to think anything could happen to them where they wouldn't be able to tell somebody how to get a hold of me.

Marvin & Mason have studen body cards & they take them with them to school (most of the time). Student body cards only really tell what their name is & where they go to school, not much help in an emergency situation. Marvin carries a library card, but it doesn't even have his name on it. My boys are well known in our neighborhood, but they are starting to vention a bit further as they get older & I'm really starting to wonder what ID they should have.

Denise (not wanting to resort to Nanc's dog collar idea)

p.s. I also realized that DH & I don't carry anything that has our phone number, or next of kin information.

Denise & Maggie


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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 10:20am
I can't believe you didn't like my dog collar idea! LOL

Fortunately for the boys, I came to my senses...but it was close.

The older ones have to carry their school id's with them & for security they must wear them at school...But really it's just their name & school not real useful in case of emergency.

Steph did carry a wallet with the following: CPR card & pictures of his friends.

I recently washed it & it's now

Talor won't carry gosh, he doesn't even carry a backpack to school...Just Taylor on his bike or free as a bird walking.

And I carry loads of ID & emergency stuff...I obsess about that sort of stuff, which makes me crazy that the boys don't carry anything.

I guess that's why I got Steph a cell phone & I'm still thinking about getting Taylor one of the prepaid cheapy ones. But those aren't anygood if the worse were to happen, so I'm still in a quandry about that.

Nanc 4Boys

I have a friend who carries around everything, even her little girls adoption papers...she has the biggest purse out of all of us!