Ever Post Something You Regret?

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Ever Post Something You Regret?
Thu, 06-30-2011 - 11:06am

Have you ever posted something on Facebook or even here on iVillage that you later regretted?

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Thu, 06-30-2011 - 11:44pm

J and C's mommy (I looked for your real first name but couldn't find it),

I think many of us post things we regret from time to time. I agree that it's often because we can't show facial expression or vocal tone in a post or an e-mail. Emoticons/Smileys can help of course, but that may not be effective every time.


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Tue, 07-12-2011 - 11:09pm
Oh yes! lol But not so much anymore. I use to post things that were in the heat of the moment, but then I learned how to "sit on my fingers" and take time to cool off before responding. It helps a LOT and when/if I do decide to reply, my replies or comments are more level-headed and helpful rather then hurtful.