Jake 6 years

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Jake 6 years
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 3:10pm
Jake is in all day kindergarten and doing great. He is starting to read which is fun! He is very good at math. He is about to take sswim lessons for two weeks which will hopefully get him swimming well on his own. He is a typical bid brother I think, always trying to please and a little bit bossy! He is getting so big on me!!



Jake 6

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 3:55pm
They do get big sooooo FAST!!! Swim lessons sound like fun, we need to do that here for the little ones this summer.


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Wed, 04-09-2003 - 10:32am
He's just a protective big bro! Good luck on the swimming! Nanc
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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 2:12am
Sound like he's being the big brother! I love swim lessons all my boys take them.

thanks for sharing