The Leaf Test

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The Leaf Test
Mon, 11-18-2013 - 8:19am

What makes you funky? Select the unusual leaf below that you like the best, and find out what your leaf says about you.

The Funky Leaf Test-

Take the test and be sure to share your results! 

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Mon, 11-18-2013 - 8:20am

I picked the one on the bottom right.  Here's what it said:

You are a very practical person, and you don't get swayed by flights of fancy.
You believe that there are at least two sides to every issue, and you consider each side carefully.

You are motivated by security and certainty. You don't like to take a risk unless the downside is minimized.
You are loyal and faithful to those important to you. It would take a lot for you to fall out with someone.

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Thu, 11-21-2013 - 8:59am

I picked the one with the circles.  It says that I like cracking jokes and making those around me smile.  True!

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