little bro misses big bro at school

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little bro misses big bro at school
Wed, 04-09-2003 - 1:42am
Hi! I hope someone can offer some advice to help my 2 yr. old ds. He's going through a lot of changes and while they are mostly good, it's got to be overwhelming for him sometimes, too. He's learning to use the potty (his choice; i'm not pushing him) and just got his own toddler bed- he seems pleased with both and we have another little boy due later this month and both my sons are excited about that. Here's the problem: my 5 yr. old goes to half-day kindergarten and when we take him to school, my 2 yr. old just cries for his brother. At the beginning of the year, 2 yr. old seemed excited about the new experience but as the months have progressed, he misses him more and more and is just so sad. We go to visit the classroom periodically and attend parties and such, but does anyone have any ideas for making the time apart easier on my little guy? Right now he naps the whole time after we get home- he goes willingly because he knows when he wakes up it's time to pick up big bro, but I don't know how long that will last. It makes me wonder what next year will be like when big bro is gone all day. He does what he can by giving extra hugs and kisses and they get along so well. I know a new baby in the house will change things even more, but I don't know how it will affect this. It just makes me so sad when my little boy cries for his best friend...