Steven - age 11

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Steven - age 11
Wed, 04-09-2003 - 11:29pm
Steven is in fifth grade, and a VERY interesting person to be around! He is a kind soul, with a gentle demeanor and heart. Loves animals. He started reading before entering kindergarten, and just excels at most things academic. He has a reputation at school for NEVER having said a mean thing to another child or adult, ever. Honestly, when you talk to him, you almost catch your breath and realize that you are having an intellectually adult conversation with a child.

We're still trying to figure out if the IQ is related to the Tourette's Syndrome or not. Steven can get frustrated if things don't come easily to him, such as athletics. But I think he does understand that he is who he was created to be, and he has a good self-image. (I'm thankful for this, because I grew up in an emotionally abusive home, and I truly want my kids to be happy with who they are.)

Steven has had a crush with M, since the second day of kindergarten, although he has begun to notice other girls. M is in his class again this year, and I think she likes Steven a lot, but only as friends. This is fine - there's time. Some moms have told me that they wish their girls could end up with someone like Steven. He's a genuinely neat kid. The hormones that are now starting to show up sporadically scare me, but we will get through it.

As sweet and kind as Steven is, when you get him around little brother, the gloves come off! I can't even compare them - they are polar opposites. But in that, they are very good for each other - it's a good relationship. They bring out the absolute best and worst in each other, but I'm SO glad that my boys have a brother!

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Thu, 04-10-2003 - 9:40am
Thanks for sharing him with us...I think you're right...having brothers really gives them the opportunity to grow on so many levels! I'm so thankful there are 4brothers in our house. Nanc
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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 2:02am
I am also thankful my boys have brothers as well!

Steven does sound like an interesting person.

thanks for sharing,


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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 1:23pm
Betsy, it sounds like you are teetering on the brink of puberty. (((Hugs))) & strength to you!!! Steven sounds like a wonderful child & I'm sure he'll get through it fine, just don't be surprised if there are days during the next few years when you wonder where your little boy went.

I totally agree about the benefits of having brothers. My boys fight with each other a lot, but I'm so glad they have each other to fight with.


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Tue, 06-24-2003 - 7:16pm
Hi Betsey...

Im new but I have a question for you, if you dont mind!

I have three sons.. Alex is 10 and starting 6th grade this year... Ryan is 8 and starting 3rd, and I have a baby boy as well... my question is about the older kids..

Do yours fight? You mentioned that the gloves came off... I'm wondering if that meant they fight? Mine sleep curled up together like puppies in the same bed although they each have their own... would defend each other tooth and nail to anyone who dare cross em, but for the LIFE OF ME.. I cant get them to QUIT teh fighting! I dont mean a squabble.. I mean fisticuffs! Ryan has marks on his neck today where Alex tried to choke him!!! Ive tried all sorts of reprecussions but to no avail. I resorted to spanking today (( no flames please )) but it makes no sense to me to tell em that they cant solve problems with violence and then to spank them... I spank VERY Seldom, but I am at my wits end!

Any tips? Or at least some empathy? Everyone I talk to that has grown brothers recount the same experiences but I DONT WANT THIS IN MY HOUSE! Ryan wil be walking by and Alex just trips him for no reason... Alex is a very loving child and always gets along famously at school etc... but they can be SO mean to each other and the constant bickering and establishing of the pecking order is just TOO MUCH!

Thanks for listening! If youll send your counseling bill... Ill make sure I send it into my insurance company.. LOL