Taylor 13 - 8th Grade

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Taylor 13 - 8th Grade
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 2:32pm
Taylor has this great smile, it's the same one I captured in a photo that I took when he was 3yo dressed as Peter Pan for Halloween. Everytime he flashes, it just melts my heart. He's the most ingenious child if ever seen and will probably invent the 1st flying automobile. He has a great eye for design & I'm always asking for his advice on design projects, or his thoughts on how to make something work. He's an inventor extraordinaire and is always churning a new gadget or invention.

He's been in Karate 3-4 years now and will be testing for brown belt soon. He finally enjoys it, I'm glad that I'm no longer the sole motivator, but that he's found inner motivation. He also plays French Horn & is usually 2nd chair or better, but he will not be playing in the band next year. He's decided to be on the wresteling team next year for the high school. They've been on a losing streak & Taylor is confident that he'll turn that around. I believe his pride comes from the years of grappling he's done in Karate class. Well see! He also likes BMX riding & has built several ramps and contraptions made out of pipes & boards to trick off of. My only wish is that he'd wear his helmet ALL the time..and only use the pants that I have labeled with masking tape "For Bike Riding Only" and not his good jeans. And that he not wear shorts to bike in, everytime he does he comes in a scratched up bloody mess which doesn't phase him one bit. I don't think I'm asking alot here...but he just continues to do as he pleases..go figure.

He's such a cutie the girls are all over him...which irks me a bit. But is just fine with Taylor.. he's got a girlfriend...who's name is Nancy. I like her already! Funny how the name of his 1st girlfriend is the same as moms..she's artsey too just like me. She's precious, and has beautiful black hair and is asian.

Taylor's ADHD and will be going back on his meds for it. On meds he's an Honor ROll student...off of them he's failing. So we're back on. He has no social sensor & likes to stir the pot regardless of the outcome. He's "starts" all the time and like to push it to the edge.

Well that's Taylor in a nutshell...oh, he still holds my hand when we're in the store if no one is around and likes to wrestle with me just to get an extra hug in.

Nanc 4Boys

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 2:40pm
Taylor sounds so much like my Mason!!! Maybe it is something about being 2nd kid & "baby" for a while. Good luck to him on the Brown belt!! ROFL about the masking tape labels on his jeans.


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Mon, 04-14-2003 - 2:25am
aww he sounds precious!!! He still holds your hand, I don't think you could ask for more!!

I hear ya about the pants!! Why wear the good ones?!?! *LOL*

thanks for sharing.. I hope when my boys are that age they still want to hold my hand too *sniff*

hugs and blessings,