Waking every hour all night long

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Waking every hour all night long
Tue, 02-22-2011 - 7:40am

I know I haven't been around in a while. SORRY! Slap my hand! Can I ask you ladies for some help and a few ideas?

Wyatt has been waking up every hour all night long for the last week. He wants to eat but will only drink 1 or 2 ounces before falling back to sleep. It started a week ago after a miserable weekend of teething and finally cutting teeth 3 and 4. He had been sleeping through the night so well. His sleep has changed completely. Wyatt is napping less during the day. He has cut himself down to 2 naps a day from 3. We are having a horrible time getting him to go to bed at 9pm no matter how tired he is. I would prefer him to go to bed at 8pm but we can't get him to go down at 9pm! He will sleep until midnight then he wakes up for his *snack* and then every hour up to 6am. After 6 am he sleeps until 9am. Then he is up for the day.

I know that at 8 months old he is more then capable of sleeping through the night with out eating. He has been doing it for months. I have been giving in and letting him eat out of exhaustion and because DH works days and gets up at 6am. Last night I gave him a bottle of water in hopes of deterring him from wanting to eat and just go back to sleep. It didn't work. He just sucked down the water instead. DH has been putting him in his bouncy chair and the wrapping him up very tightly with a blanket. It helped at first but after a couple of nights he was back to waking up every hour. I prefer him to sleep in his crib as the bouncy chair is not working and is just one more habit to break in my mind.

How do I get him to bed earlier or at the very least back on his previous 9pm schedule? How do I get him back to sleeping through the night? Or at the very least getting him to wake just once during the night and eat a decent amount of milk so he goes back to sleep until at least 6am when I get up with DH and DS to get them off to work and school? I am willing to let him cry it out but DH wants to snuggle him and wrap him up and baby him. But then he isn't the one who has to get up with him all night long. LOL So what do I do?

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Tue, 02-22-2011 - 9:57am

DHs are rarely helpful with these sorts of things ;-)

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Tue, 02-22-2011 - 11:07am

Oh, AmyLynn, I feel for you because I remember those days.

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Wed, 02-23-2011 - 12:00am

Is he on any solid food yet?


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Tue, 03-01-2011 - 2:47pm

My twin boys will be 8 months in a week. I have been getting up hourly until a week ago. Their doctor said they can go all night without eating. I had their doctor tell them. They didn't listen. I finally used the cry it out. It was so bad. Two babies crying and an upset 2 year old. I listened to 3 hours of crying for 2 weeks until I could take no more. I started stuffing them with solids. I finally get to sleep. Matt sleeps 11-12 hours and Sam still wakes once for a bottle. I give it to him. I am to tried to listen to crying and he will wake Matt. I've tried water, he won't go for it. I can't get them back to sleep without a bottle. I keep thinking tonight is the night that I stop the night bottles and it hasn't happen yet. I do believe that the solids help them sleep longer.

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Thu, 03-03-2011 - 3:22pm
Very late weighing in on this but here goes. Definitely try the solids if you haven't already. Keeping his belly full takes care of the hunger factor. He probably adjusted to the frequent wakenings during the teething spurt and now thinks the night time attention and snacks are a pretty sweet deal. LOL

Stretching out the time between visits and comforting might work but if DH isn't on board, that could be difficult to do. Since nobody else mentioned this, it probably isn't the favored solution. BUT I had a non-sleeper and the "crying it out" methods didn't work no matter how many times we tried. That was my eldest and it finally got to the point that we allowed him to sleep with us. It was the only way we could function during the day. All three boys have been put in their own beds at the beginning of the night and usually stay there. However, if they get up in the night, they are allowed to crawl in bed with us. My second and third are much better sleepers than the first and we have had alot fewer sleepless nights with our plan. My 13 and 10 year old are never in my bed and even the 4 yo "visits" less than 3 nights/week, so my mantra of "they won't go to college sleeping in my bed" seems to be true. :-)

Most importantly you need to find something that works for you (and DH too if he is going to be involved). Hopefully you can get him back on track and having more restful nights.

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