Wednesday Whines and Woo Hoos!

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Wednesday Whines and Woo Hoos!
Wed, 04-06-2011 - 7:50am

Share what's good and not so good in your life today!

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Wed, 04-06-2011 - 7:56am
Woo Hoo... I don't have anything crazy planned today so I'm thinking I'll be able to stay home all day!

Whine... I didn't sleep well last night so I'm exhausted today.

Woo Hoo... I hope to get a bunch of things done around the house today.

Whine... I hope I stop coughing soon! It is driving me crazy!

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Wed, 04-06-2011 - 5:10pm
-- it is still really cold and we had flurries last night.
-- I am sooooo tired of my dog shedding.
-- I don't know what I'm making for dinner?

-- I had a really fun after-school church lesson for the kids yesterday.
-- everyone is healthy at my house! (I'm almost afraid to type that out loud)
-- despite the cold, my daffodils are really really close to blooming.

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