Wednesday whines and woo-hoos!

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Wednesday whines and woo-hoos!
Wed, 02-08-2012 - 7:47am

Share the good and the not-so-good in your world today!

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Thu, 02-09-2012 - 12:02pm
Oops! A day late and a dollar short. Story of my life these days! Ha!

Let me see...

Whine... I got something in my eye last night and it still hurts. My eye feels bruised today!

WooHoo... Hmmmmm?

Whine... not much to whine about or be excited about today. Just a lot to do and things to take care of.

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Sat, 02-11-2012 - 5:56pm
I'm late but here goes:
WHINES: it's cold!!! my kids gave me a cold. I'm tired of sharing a car with DH.

WOHOOOS: I got a call for an interview! I got to help in Than's class this week. I found an earring I lost a few months ago.

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