Wednesday Whines & Woo Hoos

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Wednesday Whines & Woo Hoos
Wed, 06-15-2011 - 8:14am

Share the good and bad in your life today!

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Thu, 06-16-2011 - 8:21am
since Wednesday is over... I'll just share the good and the bad that happened!

whine... allergies! need I say more?

woo hoo... boys slept in until 9 yesterday?

whine... boys fought a good portion of the day yesterday?

woo hoo... I had a PTA meeting and we got a lot done really quickly?

woo hoo... I got a few good couponing deals yesterday too?

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Thu, 06-16-2011 - 8:27am

I'm also a day late, but here goes:

Woo-hoo: I got some extra summer hours at work yesterday!

Woo-hoo: Our director took us to lunch yesterday and it went long so I didn't even have to work in the afternoon!

Whine: I have soooooo much to get done before the last day of school!

Whine: dh was supposed to be gettiing a big raise since he hasn't had one since he's been there, and they found out yesterday it will only be 2% across the board.

and my big Woo-hoo: I actually got current with my bills yesterday which I haven't been able to do in ages, and I even had some money left over to bank!