Back pack - hiking and dog walking????

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Back pack - hiking and dog walking????
Mon, 05-30-2005 - 8:49pm

Hi all

I have been wearing a baby bjorn active for 6 happy months now, but DS is a brute and my back is going to give out soon! He's just over 6 months and weighs 21 wiggly pounds (all that happy APing is making one big and happy baby).

I need a back pack that a person can put on by oneself (with the wiggly baby) and get out side with the wiggler and a 80 lb wiggly dog! I was thinking one with a stand, but there are so many out there -- I want to make the right choice, as they are so expensive! I need something sturdy and light weight, that you can wear on hilly walks that last more than an hour!

A note to the sling users - I wish I could, but he won't cooperate with a sling - every two weeks since he was born I've tried - front, back & side - he's too wiggly and he HATES IT!

thanks to all who post!

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Thu, 06-02-2005 - 8:45am



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Thu, 06-02-2005 - 3:57pm
We have a frame backpack - I absolutely cannot remember the brand (maybe Baby Trend?), but we got it at

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Fri, 06-10-2005 - 1:55pm
we use a Mei Tai to go hiking and take the dog for walks. and woohoo, it can be used for front carries and nursing as well. lots of brands out there, check out for reviews and links! :)