Do I Even Need a Stroller?

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Do I Even Need a Stroller?
Fri, 07-22-2005 - 10:41am

If I plan on wearing my baby in a sling would I even need to bother getting a stroller? It seems that would defeat the purpose, but I don't know what kind of unexpected things come up, or if it's hard to get other people to wear a sling, or what.

Your experiences? Thanks.


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Fri, 07-22-2005 - 11:05am
I like having a stroller for my older child (he's now 4 and walks most of the time) but so far I haven't used one for my 4.5 month old at all. I think I started using a stroller for my older DS some of the time when he was about 1 year old.

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Fri, 07-22-2005 - 2:18pm

I like my slings, but I'm not a full-time babywearer. I think a stroller is definitely worthwhile, even if it's just a cheapo umbrella stroller. There are times that I've found it not easy to carry a baby when you're out and about. One good example is if you need to try on clothes somewhere. Also, my older DD slept much better in a stroller if we were out for a walk, where my younger DD naps fine in the sling. (Of course, I didn't have a sling when Meg was a tiny baby, just a Snugli, so maybe that makes a difference...) There are also days when I'm personally a bit touched out or just tired and need a break from carrying. Or if the weather's really hot, it's cooler for me to use the stroller.

Of course, now I have two kids (a 2-year-old and an 8-month-old), so I use a combination of things -- the double stroller, a stroller for Meg and a sling for Annie, a sling for Annie while Meg walks, or a stroller for Annie while Meg walks or is carried.

Oh, I just had one other thought... I liked my car seat/stroller combo in the early days b/c I never wake a sleeping baby. It was much easier to pop the infant car seat into the stroller if I were out somewhere than to try to wake her up and put her in the sling.

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Fri, 07-22-2005 - 3:03pm

I agree with Sara - strollers are great as your child grows bigger and wants more mobility.

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Fri, 07-22-2005 - 3:59pm

We got one of those travel stations (or whatever they're called...with the infant car seat and stroller), and it's been nice for the most part. Reese likes to spread herself out when she sleeps, so if we're out and about all day then she has a place to nap. I always carry the sling with me too because she likes to be held so she can see what's going on, but at 22 lbs, she gets heavy pretty fast! I like the extra room to carry stuff with us too, like a blanket or jackets.

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Fri, 07-22-2005 - 4:23pm

I agree, a stroller is a good thing to have. When our babies were tiny, I used the sling almost always, both around the house to keep baby calm, and out, just to make life easier and have my hands available. However, when, say shopping at the mall, it's easier to have the stroller as a place to put stuff as well as's hard to carry more than one shopping bag when you also are carrying baby. I've done it, but I don't prefer it. I also like the stroller for walks, or big outings like the zoo, esp. when baby is bigger. After they reach 20# or so, it's not always as easy to carry them for long periods. Just my thoughts!


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Fri, 07-22-2005 - 9:18pm

When my DS was still small enough to fit in the infant carseat I really liked having the carseat/stroller combo with me. That way, if we reached our destination and he was still sleeping I would just put the carseat on the stroller w/o disturbing his sleep. I could also use the basket to carry any packages when shopping. But looking back, I really didn't need the matching combo, I would have done just fine with the infant carseat and the Snap 'N Go Infant Carseat Carrier. ( I would, of course, recommend you buy used, or better yet, borrow. I would then buy a nicer umbrella stroller such as the Combi.

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Sat, 07-23-2005 - 3:37pm
We have the 3-wheeled jogging/off-roading stroller and love it. We go for 2 to 6mi walks everyday and I couldn't wear her for the whole thing. We live in a valley so it's always up-hill no matter which way we go. Plus those strollers sit them up higher so they get a better view and I don't feel like she's too far away from me. The umbrella strollers sit so low all they can see are knees, so always wer her when we're indoors.

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Sun, 07-24-2005 - 7:59am

I don't think you absolutely need one, but I have found it helpful.

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Mon, 07-25-2005 - 10:37am

Hmmm... Seems to me it would be a good idea to get one, "just in case."

Thanks for your responses. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET PREGNANT!


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Wed, 07-27-2005 - 5:19pm

I've got both. There are some situations where strollers can be more useful (such as a place for baby to rest while trying clothes on) and we usually bring both stroller and sling. We switch up according to the specific situation.

If I'm shopping for clothes for me, out comes the stroller (not so much now that he's older). For crowded situations, where strollers get in the way, we prefer the sling. Our stroller mainly gets used when we go to the library or the zoo, usually in combo with the sling.

If nothing else a stroller is a good resting place for shopping bags and the diaper bag.

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