Finally babywearing :)

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Finally babywearing :)
Fri, 06-24-2005 - 12:05am

I wrote here a while ago about how I had tried the NoJo and hotsling for the little girl I take care of(who turned one this month) and they did not work out.

I went on the mamatoto website awhile ago, and saw the different carries you can do with a regular piece of cloth. I tried them before but they seemed akward, but I finally found one that works wonderfully(I believe it's called the cross carry, but I'm not sure if I do it exactly like they do)

Delaney loves it to pieces. I didn't know if a baby her age would like to be carried facing in, but she doesn't seem to mind, and likes to "help" me do the dishes and other things I usually did when she was in her walker. I have pretty bad back and neck problems, so I can't wear it for a very extended period of time, but it's pretty comfortable while I have it one, especially if I remember to fan the fabric out in the back.

Thank you for all of your suggestions in the past- I still want to get the ergo; maybe next month :)

blessed to care for:
Dino, Sara, Lauren, Katie, and Delaney

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Sat, 06-25-2005 - 2:54am

Crystal, who ask