Friend is using her sling!!!!

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Friend is using her sling!!!!
Sat, 06-04-2005 - 1:36pm
A friend of mine had #2 a few days ago and I was originally planning to make her a sling but ended up buying her a Maya Wrap. I wasn't too sure she was actually going to use it. But I helped her the other day- showed her some tips and helped her get baby in and adjusted, etc... Now every time I've seen her she's been wearing her newborn and her little girl seems very content. I'm just so happy!!!!
She had a sling that someone gave her- it was old and worn and had the cushioned sides- well she claims her son never liked to be in there. I suspected it was more sling and user error- so I offered to make her a different style to try for the next kid.
Now I just need to figure out why my other friend's son never "liked" his sling when he was a baby- I don't know what kind she was trying or if she was using it right... She's due in October...
: ) Kassi
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Fri, 06-10-2005 - 2:11pm
woohoo, spreading the BW love :)