Hi, I'm new and have some questions...

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Hi, I'm new and have some questions...
Thu, 07-21-2005 - 11:13am

Hi, I don't have any kids and am not pregnant, but I am pacifying my baby fever until SO is ready by reading baby boards and living vicariously through you all, as well as preparing myself for when I am finally blessed with a baby.

Anyhoo, I think I get the basic idea of baby-wearing. You just use a baby carrier of sorts that is worn on your body, rather than wheeling the baby around in something. Please, correct me if I am wrong. Do you carry the baby around all day long, including while doing house work, or just at certain times? What is the theory behind it? Just looking for a basic overview; I didn't see a FAQ section that would answer my questions.

Thanks for your help.


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Thu, 07-21-2005 - 12:12pm
Hi! I think a great place to learn alot about babywearing, and other parenting things is http://www.AskDrSears.com Its a wealth of information, and lots to feed your baby craving =D
Hope you get to join us soon!
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Thu, 07-21-2005 - 12:30pm
When my youngest ds 14 months was a young baby a carried or held him for most of the day.Now I use my sling in place where one would use a stroller.They are great in fair grounds where the ground is bumpy. At first he needed to be held most of the time,now he is one of the most outgoing toddlers in the playground.Other mothers are amazed. I think it was because he got the attention that he needed when a baby.
Hope this helps
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Thu, 07-21-2005 - 3:50pm
Thanks for the link, tar23. I haven't even gotten through all the information, but I am loving what I have read so far.


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Fri, 07-22-2005 - 11:10am
when my baby was really tiny and slept a lot I wore her in a sling a LOT, basically all the time except when I could sit down and just hold her instead. Now that she is getting heavier and and more active, I wear her when she is a)fussy and I can't sit down to hold her because I have to do something b) having trouble falling asleep or c) when we are out and about (shopping, playing at the playground, etc). She doesn't like to be in the sling when I am sitting still anymore. She likes to be on the move, even if she is asleep she will wake up when I sit down.

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Tue, 07-26-2005 - 3:02pm

My baby is the same- no sitting an wearing here. I was given a used stroller that I use for my excercize walks because ds is so big (22lb at 5mo). I wear him while shopping, when I need to get stuff done- get the mail- vacuume- etc. I use other baby equiptment while moving laundry between machines, doing dishes, cooking, and general picking up.

www.mamatoto.org is my very favorite babywearing website