No Mei Tai in Shanghai

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No Mei Tai in Shanghai
Thu, 05-26-2005 - 12:27am

So a friend of mine went to Shanghai to visit her sister who's based there and I ask her cld you keep a lookout for a mei tai cos I really wld like to get one and as far as I know, mei tais are chinese in origin right? So she says she will.

Well, she got back over the weekend and today she called to tell me that when she asked around the shops for a mei tai carrier, the pple looked at her funny and told her that only "farm people" or "rural people in the south" use it and you don't buy it, you make it yourself. she said the feeling she got was snooty, as in we're civilised, we're not fr the country, don't come asking us about old/rural practices and that carrying babies in a mei tai was akin to advertising "country bumpkin".

So, I guess I'm a country bumpkin! lol!!


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Thu, 05-26-2005 - 11:37am

I have never been to China, or anywhere in Asia, but this does not surprise me!

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