Overwhelmed by options-just buy and try?

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Overwhelmed by options-just buy and try?
Tue, 07-12-2005 - 9:44am

Hi all,

We have the Baby Bjorn Sport and dd loves to be in it--esp. facing out, she loves to look around. I haven't been using it much for the past few months as at 16+ lbs it just puts too much strain on my shoulders. DH is now saying that she's getting too heavy for him too, and he'd like to get a frame backpack--that's great for him, but since I seem to carry her around on my hip (traditional mommy hold, I gather, lol) I'm thinking a ring sling type would be best. Am I just going to end up with another product that hurts my shoulders?

I've read through the posts here, and wow, there are a lot of options. I usually like to try stuff on before I buy it, but it seems most of these places are specialty stores or internet only. Is it worth hunting down a store to try the different styles on or should I just buy one and see how it works? I guess I'm just overwhelmed by the options and none of my friends have anything but Bjorns/Snuglis.

Right now I'm looking at ring slings and stretchy wraps (baby can't face forward in the Ergo). Any advice? If the Bjorn hurts my shoulders will a wrap/sling hurt too?

TIA for any advice,

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Tue, 07-12-2005 - 1:15pm

My dd is a 16+ pounds too, and I just went from a snugli to a babytrekker. So far we all love it. Baby can face in or out on the front and back and the weight limit goes up to 35 pounds, I believe. The shoulder straps are thick and cushiony and there's a belt that wraps around the waist so the weight is nicely distributed. The snugli was starting to hurt my back, but so far I'm able to wear the babytrekker for long periods without any discomfort. DH wears it all the time too with no complaints. It's been a little cumbersome to get on, but I can tell I'm getting better at it the more I use it. The website is www.babytrekker.com.

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Tue, 07-12-2005 - 9:06pm
I use a ring sling for my ds .He is 13 months.I mostly carry him on my hip but if needed i can change positions. I have a bad back and I am able to carry him for long periods of time.It is also easy to get him down when mr.independet wants to follow big brother.
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Wed, 07-13-2005 - 9:25pm

I know that the baby can't face forward in the Ergo, but in most cases baby will get used to it (they can still see from side to side). My DS is very curious and loves both the front and back carry. The new Ergo can be used in hip carry too if you want. It is extremely easy to use. The fact that they can't be worn facing forward in the Ergo is actually a good thing - it protects the baby's spine.

I highly recommend it - my DS is big - 20lbs and only 6 months old - and slings (as much as I love them) just weren't cutting it for me. The Ergo is super comfy - way more than the Baby Trekker, Bjorn, Snuggli, Mai Tai styles, etc, IMHO. I hiked for 3 hours the other day with no pain or strain. I am very happy with my purchase. You have 90 days to return if you don't like it!

Many moms sling for much longer than I did but DS just got too big too fast and I just couldn't do it anymore. Maybe a sling will work for you - it does for many others. From my experience, though, I would recommend a two shouldered carrier, and the Ergo in particular.

Anyway, that's my opinion fwiw :)

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Thu, 07-14-2005 - 10:00am

ditto the pp- the Ergo has been a lifesaver for me and my BIIIG boy (11 months and 30 lbs)- we got it a few months ago because he got too heavy for one hip and shoulder for more than about 5 minutes(as much as I also LOVE my Maya Wrap), and it has been bliss!


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