Using a simple wrap

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Using a simple wrap
Thu, 07-07-2005 - 2:10pm

I bought a length of material very cheap yesterday, and I didn't know if I wanted to try sewing it into a sling (I'm not much of a sewer) or just tie it as a wrap.

I know I've seen links before on different carries that you can do with just a piece of material and a knot, but I can't seem to find them quickly. Also, how much material do I actually need?

I tried it as a backpack carrier with both my DDs yesterday and just tied it under my arms (Megan hated it!), and it was comfy enough, but a bit bulky.

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Fri, 07-08-2005 - 4:18pm and both have really good information about tying wraps and how much material you need for different wraps. You need to register for, but it's free and they don't send you anything.

I just got a wrap (a 4.6 meter Ellaroo) and have really been liking it (and our babies are only a couple of weeks apart in age). I like the front wrap cross carry and the back wrap cross carry with a chest belt. I learned how to tie both from or other sites they linked to. Good luck!

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