Just beginning....

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Just beginning....
Tue, 03-01-2011 - 9:31am

These are some journal excerpts from elementary teachers from their early days of use of the Approach - used with permission from - Fargo, ND:

One example is the energy I have given a student that really struggled bringing shoes for P.E. I put a lot of energy into the student when she remembered her shoes. Now the first thing she does when she comes into the gym is show me she remembered her shoes and we do an extremely high high-5. It is encouraging to the see the positive effect the “little things” have on a student I work with.

I have found the more specific I am on the compliment, the greater the reaction.

I correct (reset) myself if I ever say, “Can you…” instead of “I need you to”.
When the idea of teaching rules begins to pop into my head, the words…”nobody is going to steal my joy” helps me.

I made my son make a list of all the good things each day. What he liked, what was new, what excited him, what did he learn. He has gotten so much better at pointing it out. At first it was really hard for him to do. He didn't have much to say, but now he talks forever about what he thought was “good “ about his day.

Why complain when it is impossible to fix. I can't change the students I have in my classroom, so I either teach them or complain about it. I'd rather teach. I like the energy I'm feeling around school with this approach.

When I used intentional recognition skills with people I came into contact with at stores I found I got a very positive response! It seemed as though after the recognition was given, the worker had a more positive attitude or did their work faster. I decided that everyone, no matter what age or job, likes to be noticed.

I have become aware over the past weeks that positive and negative energy have the ability to snowball. My energy sets the tone of my classroom. NHA makes the energy in my classroom less reliant on student behaviors and much more dependent on my response to their behaviors.

At the end of the day when we reveal the Mystery student I let the rest of the class comment on good things they saw this person do all day. It has had a really profound effect on my kids who are being talked about and on the rest of the class.

I realized after reading chapter 3 that I give out way to many warnings and don't follow through with the consequences I say they will have if they don't stop the behavior. I say things to threaten them into behaving rather than them making the choice to behave. I need to give a reset and walk away!

I think intense doesn't sound as negative as naughty.

It's amazing how stressful situations can turn into a positive with a little comments recognizing someone else's greatness.

With the Nurtured Heart Approach I have become more aware of when I let negative energy creep into my interactions. Only with awareness can change come.

I have really worked to put my energy into the positive moments and to not reward negativity. I've noticed that I have fewer negative moments during the day and am not as drained by students' behaviors at the end of the day. I also look forward to seeing my challenging students, as our interactions are more positive.

I just adore my class and I think much of this is due to NHA. This has allowed me to see my students more positively and they are seeing each other more positively as well!

A student remark to the teacher-“I see you grading papers. I appreciate you trying to get those graded so we can get them back fast. The teacher was blown away!