One last story from the ISS

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One last story from the ISS
Fri, 06-19-2009 - 8:50am
“I graduated!”

Henry is a generally quiet student who experiences outbursts of frustration from Asperser's Syndrome. Over the last three years he has come to ISS mainly to have a quiet place to work after an outburst, or for a single class period for a few weeks. He and I have a great relationship, but as expected, he isn't always able to express feelings aloud.

Today is eighth grade promotion; our students will be going on to new schools, new routines, and new friends.

I opened the door for a Polite Knocker, and there is Henry. “I graduated!” he exclaims.

“Congratulations, Henry! Give me a high five.”

He high fives me and I tell him that I am proud of his determination, and proud of all that he has done to get this far.

Without any prompting, he says, “Mrs. T, I am going to miss you a lot.” Wow. This is amazing: someone who struggles to communicate has taken the first step.

“I am going to miss you too, Henry.”