Are you the perfect housekeeper?........

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Are you the perfect housekeeper?........
Sun, 08-03-2003 - 10:50pm
Are you the perfect housekeeper or do you throw everything into one room so all the others look presentable? Do you clean your kids rooms or do you just shove the overflow in and shut the door? Do you {gulp}ever just leave the dishes in the sink? Would you be proud or ashamed if I looked under your beds?



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Mon, 08-04-2003 - 2:29am
It all depends on what out schedules are like for the week or weekend. If I have two days off - I clean house! My kids know thier socks go here and pants here, ect... I like to have everything organized. I can't stand searching for something. But my house does get messey when we're all flying in different directions. But it's usually, our room (parents room) that everything get tossed to. The toy everyone wants to play with, ect. So, my room is probably the messey room in the house 95% of the time. My kids do a good job of keeping their rooms clean - the closit on the other hand - Well.... I usually end up cleaning that!

Dishes - We don't have a dishwasher and I stand and wash dishes once a day. So, that would depend on what time of day you stopped by...

Under our beds it's clean, you can look there anytime, just don't open the kid's closit. But that is usually a few toys but mostly clothes they didn't hang back up when they changed thier minds and decided to wear something else.

The two years I stayed at home full time - I was a neat freak - everything had a place to be down to the can goods in a certin order on the shelf. But now, I have three kids, a part-time job, and kids involved in different activites. But life's too short to worry about that small stuff. So, you toss stuff under the bed (it would drive me crazy) but if it happened - it happened - I'd rather be with the kids then cleaning house now a days.

So, no my house isn't alway spotless but it's clean...

Sally Sue
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Wed, 08-06-2003 - 7:57am
Oh horror of horrors, please do NOT come to my house right now. I'm so disorganized and it's so messy and dusty right now...I'd be embarrassed!

I do plan on taking the labor day weekend and getting it together...I usually take the first day of school off and get things together while the kids are gone!


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Thu, 08-07-2003 - 9:06pm
I work 40 hrs a week outside the home and DH works at least 60+ hrs a week outside the home. We have one child, one cat, one dog......we are the perfect messy family! Our house is not dirty but by no means 'perfect'. There are always dishes in the sink even though most of the time they are clean and drying. Laundry piles up in a corner of the bathroom and gets done every other day. Underneath beds are clean....we is a surprise! I do not feel bad about how my house looks. We live in a middle class working neighborhood and like us, most of our neighbors work and have kids. Their houses look just like mine! :)