Can your 4 year old....

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Can your 4 year old....
Mon, 09-15-2003 - 11:12am
put her shoes and socks on by herself? I don't mean with tieing the shoes or putting them on the right feet, I just wonder if she can get them on. My dd is working on the socks and is having some success but still can't manage shoes. She can get sandals on by herself. She is doing fine with shirts and pants and stuff like that. She Still has trouble with coats but I think most kids this age do.

Also, is your 4 year old still a messy eater? Abby can eat with utensils now but is still very messy and still spills a lot. She still uses her fingers a lot.

I'm just curious because as some of you know, Abby has very mild CP. I think she is doing extremely well and I was just wondering how she is doing compared to other girls her age.(I know you aren't supposed to compare kids but I just wanted to have some guage of how she is doing.)My other kids are so much older than she is that I don't remember the little details of how they were at 4.



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Mon, 09-15-2003 - 12:00pm
Well, my DD is 8 and still hates putting on socks. Unless it is a particularly baggy kind she still prefers me to put them on. She "can" do, just prefers not to. LOL They get caught on her toes and all tangled up and its frustrating.

I think at age 4 she would have still had some trouble with some shoes. I don't really remember and she was always a fairly neat eater. But I know there are lots of kids who are much older than 4 who are quite messy. I'm sure we'd just have to talk to some teachers in schools who see desks that are a mess after lunch.

From what you describe it sounds like she is pretty much within the norm for her age. Maybe others with children closer in age will "remember". My brain is atrophying with age. LOL



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Mon, 09-15-2003 - 3:10pm
My four year old daughter generally eats fine and I can't remeber her spilling in a long time, although I wouldn't let her walk around with a cup.

In terms of shoes, she's close, but not yet there. She can put on socks without too much trouble. This morning my wife and I were just saying that she should be able to buckle her shoes and we offered to help her practice tonight.