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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 4:17pm
Abby recently learned to undo the deadbolt on our front door and she has gone outside several times. Someone knocked the other day and I never heard it. I did however hear her open the door and yell "Daddy". My dh had just left for work so I thought he had forgotten something and had come back in. As I was walking down the hall I heard a man's voice saying "Little girl is your mommy home?" I about freaked out and bolted towards the front door. When I got there Abby was happily yelling "Daddy" and there with one foot in the door was the very embarassed mail man. Thankfully he is our regular carrier and he had just stepped in to put a package in the house.

I don't know which concerned me more, the fact that Abby opened the door, or that she thought the mailman was her Dad!


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Mon, 07-28-2003 - 9:18pm

My sister and I and all 8 of our kids were out to lunch one day in a crowded restaurant. We are quite the spectacle anywhere we go because we are identical twins and we have so many children and all of our children look alike. Well.......

There we were when a group of very well dressed, obviously successful business people were being seated across the aisle from us. My daughter (then almost two) screamed as loud as she could in absolute delight as one of the men walked by "DADDY!" as she waved her arms and wanted that STRANGE man to pick her up.

He had the most shocked look on his face (I am sure mine and my sister's equaled his). He stopped dead in his tracks, turned beet red, and started stuttering to his colleagues "she's not mine! I don't know her!" "Honest, I've never seen her before!"

Of course, I was horrified and I hollered "Rebekah! that is not your dad. He is at work!" My sister in the meantime starts shrieking with laughter and so do all of the other kids. The poor man's friends also started laughing and soon the ENTIRE restaurant was roaring. We all laughed so hard many of us were crying.

Needless to say throughout the rest of the meal we could hear chuckling everywhere. When the man got up to leave, he waved and Rebekah and told her goodbye. We laughed again!