Days we missed because of the holiday!!!

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Days we missed because of the holiday!!!
Sun, 12-26-2010 - 9:54am

December 24th is...

December.jpgChristmas Eve
- In the Western Christian Churches, the Christmas season liturgically begins on Christmas Eve, and is preceded by a four-week fast called Advent. The Mass of the Vigil is said in the late afternoon or early evening hours of December 24. The Christmastide season continues through until the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord on the Sunday following the Solemnity of the Epiphany.

National Egg Nog Day
- for enjoying the delicious traditional drink of the holidays called "Egg Nog"! Remember this special drink holiday by getting out that punch bowl and stirring up some homemade Egg Nog! Most households only make this treat during the holiday season so call up all your friends and family and get ready to share this sweet egg & milk drink!

Last-Minute Shopper's Day
- Today is a big shopping day as last minute shoppers hurried to get last minute Christmas gifts. Many malls and shopping centers had extended hours and great deals in order to lure these shoppers.

Sneak-A-Peek Day
- besides being Christmas Eve, it is also Sneak-A-Peek Day! If the suspense is getting to you, it's okay to sneak a peek at one of your presents under the tree... just don't get caught!

Stock Exchange Holiday
- the stock exchanges, particularly the NYSE on Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange in England, close on the Christian holidays of Good Friday and Christmas.

National Chocolate Day
- Chocoholics - if you count yourself in this group, and I hope you do, then every day should be National Chocolate Day!