December 13th is........

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December 13th is........
Mon, 12-13-2010 - 12:41pm

December 13th is...

December.jpgNational Cocoa Day
- Did you know that monkeys were the first creatures to discover that the cacao plant was edible and quite tasty? Over 1500 years ago, monkeys began to consume the pulp of the plant and spit out the beans. Humans soon began to follow the monkey's lead and the rest is history.

Pick a Pathologist Pal Day
- Pathologists and coroners are an especially jovial lot, and befriending one of them offers an ongoing reminder that “tomorrow” is not necessarily a guarantee. Don't know any? Check hospitals, police stations, the local college, or maybe the morgue. I am sure there are some out there.

Clip-on Tie's Birthday
- The clip-on tie was reportedly invented on December 13, 1928 in Clinton, Iowa. The clip-on tie is a bow tie or four-in-hand tie which is permanently tied, with a dimple just below the knot, and which is fixed to the front of the shirt collar by a metal clip.

Savings Bank Day
- US Bank Philadelphia Savings Fund Society was founded in December 1816, becoming the first savings bank to organize and do business in the United States. The bank would grow into being one of the largest savings banks in the United States and become a Philadelphia institution with generations of Philadelphians opening up accounts as children and becoming life-long depositors.

Little Yule (Festival of Lights)
- Little Yule is the official beginning of the Holiday Season, celebrated in Scandinavia as St. Lucia’s Day, the Festival of Lights which initiated the Christmas Season, particularly in the Northern European countries, and continues with great celebration even to this day.

Fishing Hatching Steamer Birthday
- 1st federal fish hatching steamer launched in Wilmington, Delaware on December 13, 1879.

Ice Cream Day
- Ice cream is a favorite treat world wide! No wonder there are so many days dedicated to celebrating and enjoying this popular frozen treat. Throw an ice cream party. Play some ice cream games ...and of course, eat a lot of ice cream!

Violin Day
- What better time of year than the Christmas season than to promote violin music! Violin came into limelight in the fifteenth century in Italy where violins were made in the town of Cremona in northern Italy.

Dick Van Dyke's birthday
- comedian, actor (Mary Poppins, “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “Diagnosis Murder”), born West Plains, MO, on Dec 13, 1925.