December 23rd is....

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December 23rd is....
Thu, 12-23-2010 - 9:58am

December 23rd is...

- Festivus is a secular non-commercialized holiday celebrated on December 23. It was created by writer Dan O'Keefe and introduced into popular culture by his son Daniel, a screenwriter for the TV show Seinfeld, as part of a comical storyline on the show. The holiday's celebration, as shown on Seinfeld, includes an unadorned aluminum "Festivus pole," practices such as the "Airing of Grievances" and "Feats of Strength," and the labeling of easily explainable events as "Festivus miracles".

National Pfeffernuesse Day
- a day to make those spicy cookies that are a Christmas tradition in Europe. According to Wikipedia, the name Pfeffernuesse "translates to pepper nuts in German, Danish and Dutch, describing their spicy taste as well as the fact that many recipes actually call for almonds or walnuts and a small amount of black pepper to be used".

Roots Day
- Celebrate your genealogy, as today is Roots Day. It's a great day to celebrate your heritage. Many of us are returning to our roots today, as we head home for Christmas. Returning to our roots is a warm, cozy and comfortable feeling, a sense of belonging.

Economists Day
- The field of economics rewards creative and curious thinkers. Economists study data and statistics in order to spot trends in economic activity, economic confidence levels, and consumer attitudes. They assess this information using advanced methods in statistical analysis, mathematics, computer programming; finally they make recommendations about ways to improve the efficiency of a system or take advantage of trends as they begin.

First Nonstop Flight Around the World Without Refueling
- Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager set a new world record of 216 hours of continuous flight, breaking their own record of 111 hours set July 15, 1986. The aircraft Voyager departed from Edwards Air Force Base in California, Dec 14, 1987, and landed Dec 23, 1987. The journey covered 24,986 miles at an official speed of 115 miles per hour.

Humanlight Celebration
- HumanLight is a celebration of humanist values: tolerance, compassion, empathy, honesty, free inquiry, reason and rationality and more. The event began in New Jersey by the New Jersey Humanist Network in 2001. The event provides an excellent alternative to Christmas celebrations.

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Thu, 12-23-2010 - 1:00pm
well, just a couple days left and then it's rest. I wish my office was closing on Christmas Eve, but at least we only have to work til 1pm. We're having dinner with some friends from church and then we are heading off to the Christmas Eve service. Should be a good night!!