girl fights an self esteem

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girl fights an self esteem
Wed, 04-16-2003 - 2:03am
Hi Everyone. I'm new to this board but have a problem my friends here can't help with yet. I have a 5 year old daughter (turning 6 mext month) and she has some friends that live up the street, two sisters a few houses up and the next door neighbour as well. She has played with them very well up till now. Recently they have been fighting after playing for only 20 minutes and they all go off to the other girls' house and leave my little one alone and very upset because her friends left her after a fight. I am worried this will affect her self esteem or how she plays with others. I'm worried she'll become like me and do what other people want her to do just to avoid arguements or confrontation and not because she wants to do it.

Am I over-analysing this? I know friends have fights, but she is the youngest in her group (only by 6 months or so) and just seems more vunerable. Plus who wants to see their own child suffering?

HELP! What can I do?

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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 1:32pm
Ugh!! This is something similar to what I'm going through with my daughter (turing 4 on the 29th). She is painfully shy. Shy to the point of not wanting to be around other kids... and that worries me that she will be one of these kids who is a door mat for the more aggressive/assertive kids. I have NO idea if what I'm doing is all I can do, but what I do is constantly reassure her that she's a good person and that she is worthy of attention, of love, and of everything else. And I also tell her that if someone treats her wrong, then they don't deserve to be around her.

I'm keeping a close eye on Catherine and how she deals with other kids... and when she reaches school, I'll be monitoring her friendships by keeping a close contact with her teachers.

If you find a magic sollution, please let me know!