Hair and Static...HELP

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Hair and Static...HELP
Wed, 01-14-2004 - 10:26am
Ugg! We've tried everything...conditioner, fabric softener, lotion,etc. Nothing helps. My girls both have static so very bad. Abby's hair (waist length) always looks a mess and if she has to wear a hat it is laughable. Sarah has little whispies every where and you get shocked it you touch her. Does anyone have any other solutions?

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Wed, 01-14-2004 - 4:40pm
Humidifiers cranked up. That's the only thing we can do here. Katie's hair is pretty long and mine is chin length. I use a little hairspray, and use a little mist on Katie too.

But, we have the humidifier cranked up trying to get moisture in the air.

Good luck! Michelle

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Wed, 01-14-2004 - 9:47pm
Both of my girls have really long hair. We use that Static Guard for clothing. It works really well on hair also. You can spray it directly on the hair (kinda chokes you at first) or on the hairbrush or on clothes that cause the static (like fur hoods on coats).

Also, Frizzease products work really well too.

You can get either product at Walmart. They are cheap!