Hey Konnie, I'm sure your girls will be

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Hey Konnie, I'm sure your girls will be
Thu, 01-22-2004 - 11:05am

at the Judges Cup this week end. I hope they do well. We will be there and Sarah competes on Sunday. I'm wondering if at some point next year if my dd Sarah will be competing against your dd Elizabeth. Sarah will probably be going level 7 some time around December. Is Rebekah going level 5 this spring?

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Thu, 01-22-2004 - 9:02pm
Oh my Elizabeth competes on Sunday at the IN Judges Cup. The other half of our team will be in Cinci for that Judges Cup. Bekah competes Saturday. I hope Sarah does as well as normal. (She always wins everything).

If Liz performs well this weekend on bars (she has had real problems with Level 6 bars), she gets her Level 7 choreography. We decided on a Celtic Folk song for her floor routine called "Irish Party." It is the song that Jack and Rose dance to in the "Titanic." Her coach is using her choreography as an incentive. So far, this week in mock meet practice, she has gotten a point better on bars. So we will see.

As for Bekah, she is doing amazingly well for being 6 years old and a beginner. Did I mention that she already has her kip? She got it back at Christmas, but it is not consistent yet. We are hoping for a kip this weekend. (For any nongymnast moms reading this, a kip is the mount on the bar that all gymnasts use from beginner to Olympics. It is extremely hard and complicated for the beginner and takes some girls years. Not many 6 year olds get their kip.)

She could move to Level 5 but I feel she is far too young. She is just now winning medals and getting the swing of things (pardon the pun). I want her on the podium next year all the time. Besides, I don't want an 8-year-old-optional. (an optional gymnast practices about 30 hours a week and does extremely complicated and dangerous moves as they progress along the levels.) I am going to hold her back.

Sarah may compete against Liz next year if she goes Level 7 midseason. How old will she be in January? Liz will compete as a 12 year old. We decided to hold her back from going Level 7 this midseason. She does not have her back handspring on the beam yet and her bar skills are weak. Does Sarah have her giant or bhs on the beam? What about her clear hip or cast handstand? She is such a tough Level 5, I am sure Level 6 will be no problem for her.

Sorry this got so long, but I am the gym mom ya know. I live there with all my kids doing their gymnastics and Karate.


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Thu, 01-22-2004 - 9:44pm

Well thank you, Sarah is having a rather good year this year. She sort of has her back hand spring on the low