I need party ideas.........

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I need party ideas.........
Sat, 08-02-2003 - 10:43pm
for Sarah's birthday party. She will be ten years old soon. We will be inviting several of her teammates and there will probably be about 15 girls all together. LOL,I know, we are in for quite a day with 15 little girls at a party. I'm thinking about a pool party at the local hotel but would like to know if anyone has any other great ideas.

Do 10 year olds have "themes" at their parties? Should I do party favors?Pizza or something else? ACCKKKKKKK.............



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Wed, 08-06-2003 - 8:01am
For Rachel's last party we did TACOS...and it worked out great. make the taco meat in advance, dump it in a crock pot and it stays warm all day. Then I had bowls with all the fixins.

If you do the pool party at the hotel, will there be room for you to do food too? Or will that have to be separate?

I don't have a ten year old anymore....the girls are much younger...but I will tell you the TWEEN ages are the hardest...too big for the little kid stuff you're used to doing, but too young for the 'teen' stuff they WANT to do!

Good luck, let us know what you decided.


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Wed, 08-06-2003 - 9:41pm
Theme parties are very in right now. You could have a hawaian theme.Hula skirts ect ect.Its easy to do that one since hobby shops have lots of stuff for that. A princess party everyone dress as a princess.