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INFO from Ivillage! Community Hot Spots
Wed, 06-11-2003 - 9:23am

Let your community know what is happening around iVillage! Here are some cut-and-paste promos. Please post them on your boards.

** Celebrate Father's Day!

• Is there a dad in the house? Get great gift ideas from Good Housekeeping,,284539_579779,00.html

• Whether he's a brand new dad or an old pro, find out how to really make his day.


• Plan a Father's Day feast,,240592_27133,00.html

• Get more ideas on Home & Garden's Father's Day message board!

• Remember what it was like BEFORE you had kids? Maybe it's time to re-Awaken Your Sexual Self by signing up for our popular online course. Give the gift of your love. You might also want to take a moment to browse the Sex Boutique, where good girls have fun. Your purchases arrive in discrete packages ;-)

** Make the Most of Summer!

• Hotter & hotter: The summer romance guide,,166856_81503,00.html

• Or stay cool in the pool. Water aerobics is the perfect workout.,,218936_580150-1,00.html

• The tastes of summer: barbecue basics (no more boring burgers!), refreshing summer drinks and no-cook recipes for those "too hot to slave over a stove" days.

• Get summer hair survival tips and 3 fresh new looks for summer.,,229097,00.html,,430325,00.html

• Great books for the beach!,,167249_27389,00.html