Lisa, how did the ear peircing go?....

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Lisa, how did the ear peircing go?....
Tue, 05-13-2003 - 9:35pm
I was wondering about how things went. Does she just love her new earrings? Has she just spent days looking in the mirror at them? How did you feel when you saw them?


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Tue, 05-20-2003 - 1:05pm
She did SOOOO good. I was SO very proud of her. When I picked her up from daycare, she asked if we were going. I said yep, lets get home and pick up some things to go to grandmas house, as well as Diapers for Tori and we'll be on our way.

We got to the mall, and she SKIPPED all the way to Claire's. She picked out the earrings that "she" wanted...of course I guided her decision to the ones I wanted (the simulated April Diamonds) and sat on the stool and looked so sad, and so scared. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn't know. I said 'are you scared'...and she said yes. I told her that she DIDN'T have to do this if she wasn't sure about it, that she could slide off the stool and then we'd go get dinner anyway...and she said "nope, I want my ears pierced."/.

So the Manager (he was AWSOME) and the assistant manager start getting things ready, and he pulls out the pen to mark her ears. I said, this is just a marker, he's going to use it to mark your ears where the earrings are going to go...the Manager drew a small smiley face on her hand to show her that it wouldn't hurt. Then he cleaned her lobes with an alcohol swab - I told her it was JUST like the swab we used on Tori's belly button when she was first born and she was great.

they lined the guns up and counted to 3. On three, they pierced her ears....She looked up, said OW and then great big crocodile tears welled up. I hugged her, paid for the earrings and bought her a special big girl necklace..and she's been great with them ever since. I clean them, and she turns them. She just amazes me with how big and grown up she is these days.

Thank you for asking.