Newbie w/ Question - Panties at Night?

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Newbie w/ Question - Panties at Night?
Thu, 05-15-2003 - 1:21pm
My DD just turned 5 in April and is going on 15! Question....her bottom has been irretated lately so I have had her not wear panties to bed at night. I grew up this way and have heard that it helps your area to 'freshen' during the night. DH has no problem w/ me not wearing them (wonder why? :) ) but says DD should. She climbs in bed w/ us sometimes and when he goes and puts her back he is carrying her w/ her bare bottom. I can understand his feelings but he doesn't think it's normal not to wear panties at night and reminded me the other night that 'times have changed'. DD has gotten use to not wearing them and her problems have gone away which I contribute to the change. I told her she can go w/o but MUST stay in her own bed and put the panties on first thing in the morning. What is your opinion?


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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 1:02pm

In our home it is me, dh and dd (7). My daughter likes to sleep naked - completely naked. However, she knows that if we have company staying over or if she is at someone else's house she has to wear pj's or undies if she is wearing a nightgown. If she comes into our room I prefer that she puts on the same (although she doesn't always do it as she is half asleep).

I have no problem with my daughter sleeping nude as long as she is in her own home, in her own room and is not wandering the house like that (which she does not).

I also can certainly understand the dads feeling "uncomfortable" around bottomless little girls. As they get older (the girls)- I feel that reinforcing "privacy" of any nature is important.

My mom brought me up in a "no undies to bed" home. I was always brought up believing that girls needed to "air out" down there so ... no undies to bed (always wore REALLY LONG nightgowns!!). I'm not sure if that is really necessary although I've never had a problem "down there", nor have I heard of anyone who does wear undies to bed having a problem - so it's all a matter of personal preference.

Good luck to you -