*Sigh* My baby girl is about to.... *m

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*Sigh* My baby girl is about to.... *m
Tue, 04-15-2003 - 6:26pm
turn 5!! Waaaaa. How can this be remotely possible!? I have to go sign her up for Kindergarten in a couple of weeks! Egad!

I am still trying to plan her birthday party. I am planning to make a "Dora the Explorer" cake and I ordered a buch of junk from the Oriental Trading company for goodie bags.....but I am still unsure of where to have this party. I hate to do it at home....I was thinking of McDonald's.....I have no idea! How pathetic is that!? Invites need to be in the mail!

Any brilliant ideas out there?


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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 10:26am
Not sure about your area, but here we have a community house where we rent rooms for b-day parties (and lots of other things). We use the same place every year and it costs us about $25---totally worth it for not having to use my house!! We are always able to decorate how we wish, play games, use the kitchen, etc.

Happy birthday your your *young lady*!!


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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 1:08pm
Hey Brenda!!

First - I am soooo glad you're posting! I was getting depressed!! xoxoxox

Ok.. birthday parties...Here's some ideas that I have for future parties for Catherine (when she has more actual friends to invite)... a "garden party"... Lots of flowers, perhaps activities like planting seeds in little pots that each of the kids can take home.. outside games.. you know the idea!

Second - a tea party! Catherine is a tea junkie.. anyways, at Ikea you can get a beautiful porcalin child's tea set for under $10 canadian. And I know that there are sites online where you can order tea sets that the kids can paint (and then take home). I think that would be a really neat idea, and I'm SURE that you can probably find something similar in party supplies stores. All you need is felts that aren't washable and some plain white tea cups!

I hope that these help!!!