So much for a suprise........

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So much for a suprise........
Sat, 06-14-2003 - 10:25pm
Tonight at dinner Abby (4)blurts out "Daddy we got you a 'prize" with a huge smile on her face. Her dad looks at me and whispers to her (not really expecting her to answer)"What is it" and she very proudly yells, "TOOLS" and before we could even think she was out of her chair running for the bag to hand him. She was so very proud of herself and she sang Happy Birthday to the best of her ability as she handed him his not even wrapped gift.



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Mon, 06-16-2003 - 9:58am
LOL, it took everything I had to get Rachel to put her 'prize' for her daddy in the closet and not tell! I finally distracted her enough that she really forgot all about it until Sunday morning when I told her to go get the bag and get it ready for when daddy comes home.